God's Encouraging Words To Heal Your Mind Soul and Body

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Published: 18th June 2008
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This is a power packed Teaching There is Victory in Prayer

Stop hoping that your prayers will be heard and start praying with confidence that you have what you ask according to God's word. True success is not based on wealth or status; it is based on how well a person thinks. Your thinking can be changed by the word of God. It is important to be aware of the words you speak to others, and to be aware of your thoughts and the way you respond to every situation especially during turbulent times. Put yourself in line with God's plan for your life by attending to his word daily.

The key to change is to avoid negative thinking. Negative thinking has killed more people than any disease or bomb has ever killed. Negative thinking will stop you in your track. It will fill you with fear and you will never accomplish anything in your life. You must begin to pay attention to what you say to yourself because if you are constantly saying negative things to yourself you will begin to believe yourself. Avoid negative people. Anyone that does not feed into your changing your life positively must be avoided. Those of you who have used drugs or alcohol will need psychiatric help. Seriously, if you have used drugs for any length of time your ability to think and to control your emotions has been impaired and you may need extensive psychiatric care for you to complete your transformation. Remember negative thinking is a habit and so is positive thinking. Make an effort to develop the habit of thinking positive and all of your negative habits will become things of the past especially the negative people you once lived around.

One way to clear you mind regarding employment, is to first ask yourself what do you want to become. Ignore the fools who will tell you, you are too old because they have no dreams inside of them.

Friday, April 22, 2000 Doris Haddock age 90 was arrested and charged in Washington D.C. for demonstrating illegally. Doris Haddock's age did not control her action or temperament. She believed she had the right to protest so she did so. Apparently Ms. Haddock led her life according to the tune beating inside of her rather than her age.

Tuesday, June 28, 1988 Alfaretta Corner received her masters from Western Michigan University. She drove 100 miles round trip for four years to attend the university. Alfaretta Corner is 83 years old which means she began her master's work at the age of 79. Imagine having enough guts to complete a college application at the age of 79. Apparently Mrs. Corner was not afraid of laughter.

The greatest trick in the world is used by the Devil in his philosophy of I Can't

Do you know what glory you will bring to the house of God if you stand up like women and change? You have been called trash and no good all your life. It is time to change and it is time for you to define yourself. Do you know what shouts that would be heard in heaven if you adopt the philosophy that I Can do whatever it is I want to do under the will of God. He is my source of strength and that His way is my way. God's philosophy is the philosophy of I Can. The Devil's philosophy is the philosophy of I Can't this is why the people who follow the Devil end up suffering throughout their lives. You say you can't find a job so you steal. You say you can't go to college so you work menial jobs all your life. You say you can't buy a home like neighbor so you try to seduce your girlfriend's husband to make yourself equal. You commit all sorts of vile and filthy acts to get back at the world for rejecting you. You become the embodiment of hate. No light shines in your life. Your eyes are dull.

Everything you do goes towards destruction. Finally, you become the Devil's disciple by inflicting pain and suffering on every one you meet. The reason why you have not been successful is you have been thinking from a position of weakness. As soon as you think I can't, you have defined yourself as weak.

You must learn that you can do whatever you want to do under God's will.

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